Industrial Loader and Forklift Fires

Industrial Loader and Forklift Fires

During 2003-2006, U. S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 1,340 structure and vehicle fires in which industrial loaders, forklifts, and related material handling vehicles were directly involved in ignition per year. These fires caused an annual average of 22 civilian fire injuries, and $36.0 million in direct property damage. No deaths were reported from these fires.

These fires include annual averages of :

1,220 vehicle fires (91%) that resulted in 10 civilian injuries (47%) and $24.5 million in direct property damage (68%) and

120 structure fires (9%) that resulted in 12 (53%) of the civilian injuries, and $11.5 million in direct property damage (32%).

43% occurred in outside, road, parking or special properties, such as open land,  construction sites, industrial plant yards, and dumps or landfills.

15% occurred on manufacturing properties.

12% were in utility, agriculture, basic industry, forestry, or mining properties; and

11% occurred in storage properties

Occupancies where Industrial Loader or Forklift Vehicle Fires Occurred:  2003-2006

An unclassified mechanical failure malfunction was a factor in 27% of industrial loader or  forklift vehicle fires.

Electrical failures or malfunctions were factors in 26%.

These vehicles or their loads can also damage the structure, its sprinkler system, or its contents. Such damage can result in fire, impaired sprinkler performance, or unintentional sprinkler activation’s.

Source: Industrial Loader and Forklifts, by Marty Ahrens, NFPA, Quincy, MA, January 2009

King Repair is your Partner in Loading Dock Safety and Efficiency Solutions

With changes in Local, State and OSHA requirements for the installation of Fire Extinguishers on combustion and electric forklifts, King Repair has the right product with the right mounting bracket application for maximum safety and ease of access.

If a fire occurs in an engine or wiring, quick use of a fire extinguisher by the operator can keep damage and resulting downtime to a minimum. The premier fire extinguisher, in the small but powerful 2 1/2 pound size, is U.L. approved, and the dry chemical used by this extinguisher is suitable for electrical and flammable liquid fires.

U.L. Rating: 2-A; 10-B; C
Dimensions: 15.25″ x 7.25″ x 4.25
Classificataion: Tpye B, C, Size 1

Having a fire extinguisher on your lift truck makes perfect sense, Many original equipment manufacturers make them standard issue. They’re small, affordable, and easy to use. Further more in the right circumstances the payoff for the tiny investment could be huge.

It doesn’t come without some concerns though. First, the extinguisher should be ABC rated, 10 pound minimum, with a full charge, and located in an easy location to reach. Second, although there are no requirements to have an extinguisher on a lift truck, if there is one is needs to be fully charged and functionable.

If manufacturers provide fire extinguishers for a particular model, however, it probably will mean liability for a user who allows it to become dislodged or unusable.

King Repair stocks these units along with the right brackets required to mount them and securly installs them to your overhead guards, give it some thought if you lift trucks don’t have them. Further if they do take a moment to check their state of charge, and ask yourself if they are included in your annual fire extinguisher survey.

Contact King Repair today to fit out your lift truck equipment with this Extinguisher and Bracket.

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